About Castle Green Land

Castle Green Land helps landowners unlock the true potential of their land.

Working in close partnership with landowners, Castle Green Land is committed to delivering and maximising land opportunities across North Wales and the North West of England. Our experienced team will proficiently navigate the complexities of the UK planning system whilst adding value through our innovative and commercially-focused approach.


Castle Green Land keeps the majority of procurement and acquisition work in-house, allowing us to maintain strong relationships with landowners and their agents; housing associations and local authorities alike. Coupled with significant in-house funding from our long-term investment partner, Castle Green Land has extensive financial resources to provide enviable developments and successfully ambitious projects that have contributed to Castle Green Homes success.


Castle Green Group has a number of complementary facets within its organisation providing diversity in the way it works, the sectors it operates and the types of homes it delivers. Our business plan is based on what we do best, building beautiful, thriving developments through a number of routes. Whether your land has planning permission, strategic in nature, requires promotion through a Local Development Plan (LDP), greenfield/brownfield, or if it’s on the edge of a city centre regeneration plan or semi-rural, we consider all aspects of any land opportunity within North Wales and the North West of England.


Castle Green Land obtains planning permissions to facilitate three divisions within the Castle Green Group.

“Land is a central component to everything we do at Castle Green. It is our life blood. Being dynamic and nimble, Castle Green Homes is more than a just a traditional housebuilder – it is a provider of award-winning homes and we do this through traditional routes, strategic land or partnerships. Because of the way we operate, we can consider all types of land, be it, greenfield, brownfield or core-regeneration, with or without planning, allocated in the Local Plan or in need of promotion. As such, we can consider a wide variety of opportunities across the North West of England and North Wales.”